A Gift is more than a Gift


We live in an amazing world , everything at our finger tips, Today we can buy almost anything online, maybe everything, We can sit in front of our mobile / laptop anywhere, anytime in the world, I’m writing this blog in late October trying to figure out why we buy online,? Maybe it’s a number of factors, like say lifestyle ,convivence, faraway place,? or buying something that is more than a gift, the thought process is in many ways more than randomly picking up something in a rush to get the job done, it takes time and a lot of thinking so when you eventually purchase online you know you have thought correctly. I think  I have got this right so far to a certain extent?, as it is a very personal decision and I would for sure  not try and pre-empt what you think, but, I will give you one  example that I bought online for family and close friends that live in far off countries , bar one who lives in Ireland , it’s funny I really wanted to get something nice for two special people  and I kind of know what they like , they like to eat nice food and beverages, I scanned place close by and went about buying a voucher, Easy? No not really , the two places I really wanted would only except payment from within their country, I know I did eventually buy the voucher, but I was not totally happy with what I had purchased, even though the restaurant people were extremely helpful and that’s what brokered the purchase, the point I’m making is it is not always that easy to get what you want online.

As my heading say’s , a gift is more than a gift’’, the four W’s come to mind, Who, What, Where, When, this should help the thought process,?, Who are you buying the gift for,? What will you buy? Where will you buy it? When is the purchase to be made? they all sound doable ,  let’s be clear I sell on my website also, that’s my transparency bit out of the way, some factors to take into account, trustworthiness, value for money, packaging , delivery, and by delivery I don’t mean getting it from A to B , delivery for me is having that present or gift presented  from you to your intended person/s or loved ones. Most sites and online shops are 100% genuine and will deliver beyond the call of duty , but always remember the saying, does it  deliver what it say on the tin? .The world we live in today is strange and different, with many people including some of my family not been able to come home for the Christmas holidays , they are thinking of you and you of them, not much more I can add to this post , except to say enjoy what you buy and hopefully the recipient’s appreciate your efforts and that’s apart from the expense , I have posted a few ideas of what we have to offer , it’s not a lot but it is ours , and if you can buy local please do so, as it will help to keep local jobs and in some way help the local economy. Stay safe and stay healthy and happy Holiday’s.


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