Viking Irish Drinks was created by entrepreneur David Dennison, the dream became a reality in 2019 when the first cider was bottled the flag ship Viking Irish medium dry Cider was born, and followed by the immensely popular Viking Irish Harvest Blush,and to cap the current selection, Ireland's first Hop flavored cider 'Hop it' came to market for Christmas 2019.

Dennison's 1 hectare vineyard produced in 2018 a record commercial grape harvest of both red and white classical Irish wine's maturing slowly in our winery and now been bottled for release this Christmas 2020. Viking Irish Blackcurrant liqueur 2020 available mid September 2020, at present Dennison is working and trialing three more ciders for 2021/22.

The seasons are pretty much action packed, to say, "we grow organically" is an understatement as our philosophy for sustainability for the environment is crucial in so many respects, from early December our pruning of vines start and followed by the early apple trees, this particular job is really important for this year's fruit and in some cases the following year also, pruning is constant up to mid February/ early March, new cider trees are usually planted in between pruning anytime from mid November until March depending on weather and energy.


From April onward  spraying some natural nettle and seaweed ferment this helps the trees against mildew and great for the soil no other sprays are used except some horse manure as a fertilizer, as the season goes into May and June trellis work and tying up trees are vital as in recent years our wind force has multiplied in particular during the summer months.

The first crop for harvesting is our Blackcurrants usually from July up the first week in August which we make into our Viking Irish Blackcurrant liqueur and a natural juice for the Harvest blush, this process takes up the full month of August then early apples Katy, Vicky and James Grieves late August , and it is harvest season from then up to Christmas eve and beyond, in making natural ciders .

The grape harvest usually starts in mid September and goes through until the end of October, as I write now in September 2020 the vintage  will be very mixed with a low yield.  This is truly the time for the rewards of the seasons work.