The Role of Pollination & Honey Bees at Dennison's Farm

Honey bees are the unsung heroes in shaping the biodiverse ecosystem here at Dennison's Farm. 

Biodiversity has been at the heart of Viking Irish Drinks since the beginning in 2017 and the native honey bees play a dynamic role in maintaining continuous pollination. Michelle Mulvaney, owner of 'Ballinaboola Honey', has created a space on Dennison's Farm to provide shelter, production space, and honey storage for thousands of honey bees that circulate the grounds everyday. The Ballinaboola Honey bees have access to a variety of apple blossoms, as well as different wild flowers which grow across the farm. Their due-diligence and hard work means that each apple tree receives enough cross-pollination to create a higher quality fruit yield each year.




Did you know it takes twelve honey bees an entire lifetime to create one teaspoon of honey? The Ballinaboola Honey bees are hard at work every day across the calendar year, diligently exploring up to 225,000 unique flowers one by one. Working as a team, the field worker bees collect pollen far and wide, returning it back to the honey production bees in the hive. It's here where Ballinaboola Honey is created, as the production bees weave the proteins of pollen with the golden nectar's sweetness.


bee keepers maintaining honey bee hives on a farm



Michelle, the visionary behind 'Ballinaboola Honey,' champions sustainability, ensuring that no more than 30% of the hive's food stores are harvested during the season. As Farming For Nature 2022 Ambassadors, where sustainability takes centre stage, we wholeheartedly applaud Michelle's eco-conscious bee-keeping ethos at Viking Irish Drinks.


Ballinaboola Honey is a pure, unadulterated product - 100% raw and organic, unblended to preserve its natural essence. Bursting with antioxidants, antibacterial elements, and anti-inflammatory properties, Ballinaboola Honey serves as a remarkable immune booster and treatment of allergies, skin, and gastrointestinal issues. The Ballinaboola bees are not only creating a remarkable superfood, they are the unsung heroes at Viking Irish Drinks, ensuring the bloom of our fruit trees year after year.