Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn: A Photo Diary.

As the leaves turn and it gets colder outside, it can only mean one thing - Autumn. In this post, we say goodbye to a wet summer - even though it yielded a bounty crop - and welcome the cozy embrace of Autumn.

But before we fully immerse ourselves in the new season and all that comes with it (mulled cider!), let's take a moment to relish the final days of evening sunshine and greenery. Join us on a short stroll through Viking Irish Drinks Orchard and Vineyard with Callie, the dog!
Apples in the golden evening sunlight

Orchard Abundance and The Lush Vineyards

Starting in the orchards, we witnessed an abundance of Katy, Vicky and Greensleeves apples, ready to be picked and turned into cider. The evening sun provided the perfect backdrop for photos, and Callie was the perfect model waiting for her picture. (She was waiting for the ball to be thrown!)

A small black dog standing in an orchard

On to the vines, where we saw the fruits of a bountiful season. The Solaris and Rondo vines stood proud, their clusters heavy with grapes, confident that they will be able to produce another quality batch of Viking Irish Drinks wines. Harvesting vines is now underway! 

Sun drenched black grapes on their vine

white grapes in a large container, just after being picked


Farewell to summer, that beautiful evening light and here's to the many more seasons to come. 🍂🍏🍃🍎🍇

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