Weather: Our peak summer months of July and August had little or no rain to account for and relatively light winds. September started off the same as the previous two months however we had our fair share of rain between the 9th – 12th.

Orchards: Our orchards are in decent condition with a very large crop of most apples; Katy, James Greeves, Greensleeves, some Boskop and early Bramley’s have been picked. Most of these are blended with blackberry and mulberry for next year’s Harvest Blush.

The serious business of our cider apples will begin next week when we pick Kingston Black, Vicky, Browns, Jersey Foxwhelps, Sweet Alfred and some more Bramley for that hit of malic acid which is important as the above cider apples have loads of tannins but are lacking in malic acid. More updates about the late harvest and hopefully some Keeve cider in the November news. We have just bottled our 2021 Keeve cider straight from the lees “Sur Lie” and will undergo a second fermentation for release in late 2023.

Vineyard: We start the vendange this Thursday 15th September where we will pick Solaris and Schonberger. This year’s Solaris is a decent crop although with smaller berries as the June cold snap set them back. Solaris is packed with natural sugars and could potentially yield a 11.5% ABV. Schonberger is a small crop but will help none the less. Seyval Blanc and Orion will follow in October. In relation to Rondo (red grape) this is going to take at least 3-4 sweeps as some are ripening faster with the berries of varying, inconsistent size however they are packed with juice. Pinot Noir yield is poor and there is just a little Regent showing.

Blackcurrant liqueur: Currently in progress - waiting on grape spirit which we should have on the week starting 19th of September. Irish White Wine liqueur 2021 will be available in November, small release of around 150 bottles.

Pet – Nat: – Nádúrtha 2021 will be released hopefully the end of October.

Vineyard and Orchard tours continue Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays - details on and they are proving to be very popular!

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