Viking Irish Cider Chicken and Parma ham Crème

                         Viking Cider Chicken and Parma ham Crème

Ingredients           ( 4 portions )                               2  onions finely chopped

4 Good sized Irish Chicken fillets                           10 mushrooms sliced

8 slices of Parma ham or similar                            3  roasted red peppers sliced

500 grams of Penne pasta or similar                    3/4 Vine tomato peeled

100 ml Double cream                                              3 crushed garlic cloves

2 hot or Meduim chilies                                         2 tbsp. olive oil

50 cl bottle of Viking Irish orchard cuvee            Pinch sea salt and black pepper

½ lime                                                                        Stock optional (or stock cube)


Chop onions /chilies/garlic place in a bowl, slice mushrooms and place in separate bowl.

Roast red peppers can be roasted or bought by the jar and slice place in separate bowl, wrap the chicken in the ham, squeeze lime over the fillets and set aside, Heat oven to a moderate heat, add 1 tbsp. of oil to a deep dish , having enough space for the chicken and finished liquid, add 1 tbsp. spoon  of olive oil to a deep saucepan & place on hob at moderate heat so not to burn the oil, add onion/ garlic/ chilies leave for 1 minute.


Stir and add half of the cider, allow to reduce the liquid but keep the heat moderate, then add the roast peppers and peeled vine tomatoes, tin tomatoes can also be used, leave for 1 minute and chop the tomatoes ,they will break up easy, add the sliced mushrooms and the rest of the cider, season to taste , the ham is salty, so maybe only milled Black pepper in enough, add cream, allow the liquid to simmer for 35 minutes, heat the deep dish in oven and place the chicken fillets evenly in the dish roast for 15/20 minutes turning once, when the sauce is starting to reduce, remove the chicken and drain the fat away leaving any caramelized bits , pour the liquid into the deep dish and place chicken on top , return to the oven for 15/20 minutes.


Cook the pasta until a little bite in it and drain, add a little olive oil over the pasta and toss gently , serve pasta on side of the plate , add chicken & sauce, serve as soon as possible.



Accompanied with Viking Irish Orchard Cuvee cider, cool but not to cold , a match made in heaven.


Cider makers note… this is my own recipe, when I use someone’s recipe, I will always give a credit , please enjoy as a family meal, the ingredients for this dish was less the €20  including 3 bottles of cider @ 3 for €10 at selected stores.


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