Viking Irish Harvest Blush (6 Bottles)
Viking Irish Harvest Blush (6 Bottles)
Viking Irish Harvest Blush (6 Bottles)


Viking Irish Harvest Blush (6 Bottles)

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Apple varieties used for Harvest blush are Katy (dessert) and James Grieve (dessert), which are usually in harvest early - late August. Harvest Blush is fermented slowly on its natural yeast’s for up to six months, and then we add our soft fruit juice to create a light blush and adding fruitiness of the berries, yet importantly retaining the style of the cider. Our bottling condition allows us to create a light natural sparkling cider, which is a good alternative to a sparkling wine.

Technical - 5.5% ABV | Acid - 4.9 grams per litre | Sulphur - 0.1 trace of So2 | Calories - 55 per 100ml

 Food Pairing: Versatile, this cider will compliment most food from starters to dessert! Try with seafood / shellfish, also good with pork loin and roast chicken. Harvest Blush is excellent with fresh strawberries and raspberries, and fruit pavlova.

Cider Makers Note: We recommend Harvest Blush to be served chilled at 6-8 c, and it can be served as an aperitif, like a good Prosecco but lower in alcohol, which is an excellent choice for receptions / weddings and parties. Can be bottled in Champagne style bottles for events (pre-ordered only).

Cider Makers Tip: Why not try a Viking Irish cocktail?


Pour 3 parts Harvest Blush cider to 1 part Viking Irish Blackcurrant Liqueur over ice. Add a slice of orange and stir gently. Serve with party straws. Enjoy.