Viking Irish Cider - Mixed Case - (12 Bottles) #1
Viking Irish Cider - Mixed Case - (12 Bottles) #1
Viking Irish Cider - Mixed Case - (12 Bottles) #1
Viking Irish Cider - Mixed Case - (12 Bottles) #1

Viking Irish Drinks

Viking Irish Cider - Mixed Case - (12 Bottles) #1

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Viking Irish Drinks Mixed Cider Case contains:  12 bottles

                                      Orchard Cuvée -3 bottles

Apple varieties used for Medium  Orchard Cuvée are Dabinett, Michelin, Yarlington Mill, Foxwhelps, Kingston Black, Harry Masters, and some Bramley for acidity. Harvest time for these apples is usually mid-October, except for Foxwhelps, which is harvested earlier but blended back in.  Medium  Orchard Cuvée is fermented slowly on its natural occurring yeasts for up to six months.

5.5% ABV. 5.2 grams per liter of Tartaric acid. 50cl bottle. Gluten Free & Coeliac Friendly.

Tasting Note: Mild flavored and off dry to medium , with sweet apple notes finishing to a soft easy palate.

Food Pairing: Serve with traditional roast chicken/ pork and light game meats. Plus, a cider gravy adds to the flavor of the trimmings. Also try Medium  Orchard Cuvée with grilled Salmon and parsley butter, steamed mussels in their shell. To finish, accompany with some Moorish cheeses, like Durrus Cheese or most Irish farm-house cheeses.    

Cider Makers Note: Serve at 6-8 c and drink with a meal or on its own. Can have a little sediment at the end of the bottle.

Harvest Blush - 3 Bottles

Apple varieties used for Harvest blush are Katy (dessert) and James Grieve (dessert), which are usually in harvest early - late August. Harvest Blush is fermented slowly on its natural yeast’s for up to six months, and then we add our soft fruit juice to create a light blush and adding fruitiness of the berries, yet importantly retaining the style of the cider. Our bottling condition allows us to create a light natural sparkling cider, which is a good alternative to a sparkling wine.

5.5% ABV 5.6 grams per litre of tartaric acid. 50cl bottle. Gluten free & Coeliac friendly.

Tasting Note: Crisp and fruity with hints of fruit berries - long and lingering finish.     

Food Pairing: Try with grilled Salmon or Sea Trout, and with shellfish. This cider is also nice with fresh Strawberries or raspberries, and excellent with Pavlova.

Cider Makers Note: I recommend Harvest Blush to be served chilled at 6-8 c, and it can be served as a aperitif, like a good Prosecco. Low in alcohol, therefore, it is an excellent choice for receptions and weddings. Can be bottled in champagne style bottles for events.

Hop-it - 3 Bottles

Hop-It is a blend of Katy (dessert apple) and Vicky (new bittersweet early cider apple) apples. The blend needs the fruitiness of Katy and the bitterness of Vicky to create harmony with Cascade, Amarillo, and Citra hops, thus lending tropical flavors to this cider. Suitable for Coeliac and Vegan Friendly. Hop-It is ideal for people who like the taste of Hop beer but cannot tolerate gluten.

5.5% ABV  5.2 grams per liter of Tartaric acid. 50cl bottle. Coeliac friendly.

Food Pairing: Has to be a foodies dream! Try with BBQ, Smoked Fish, Asian Delights, Irish Farmhouse Cheese, both soft and hard. Also try with mature Irish Blue Cheese.     

Cider Makers Note: A unique cider in Ireland, this is a highly popular style in North America. Best served well chilled in Summer and not so cold in Winter.   

                                                       Orchard Gold -3 bottles

- A blend of some older ciders creating  zesty fruity thirst quencher and dry on the finish.

Food pairings;  This cider pairs really good with white meat , Turkey comes to mind, also exciting with some Irish blue cheeses ,with  shellfish , has to be crab claws in garlic butter.

Cider makers note; When I created this cider, I was looking to do something a little different, I looked how Solera dry sherry is blended and we are doing a similar process ,always feeding the mother tank with what has been taken out, this will keep a consistency for years to come ,                 

* Offer ends December 31st 2022.